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Victoria, 出生在中国一个富有学术和艺术气息的家庭. 良好的家庭氛围使她在音乐领域有所造诣.  5岁开始学习古筝,启蒙老师郭红莲  (军区政治部文工团古筝独奏演员,国家二级演奏员。中国音乐家协会会员).   后师从著名古筝演奏家王中山  (中国音乐学院教授/博士生导师, 国乐系副主任,.中国音乐家协会理事/古筝学会会长, 中国民族管弦乐学会古筝专业委员会执行会长).  除此之外,还擅长葫芦丝,打击乐,单簧管,钢琴等多种乐器.  以"古筝表演"专业获得学士学位, 后又修习“作曲配乐”专业研究生. 现定居美国加州-旧金山湾区,担任大学民乐系古筝/打击乐老师以及乐团指导老师.  2005年-2013年期间,多次受邀赴澳大利亚,/韩国,/马来西亚/香港/美国 进行文化艺术交流和音乐表演.​2014年,出版了自己的诗配画作品集,展现了摄影和写作才能. 

Teacher Victoria was born into a scholarly and artistic family, The family environment made her successful in the field of music. She learned to play Guzheng when she was Four and a half years old. her first teacher is HongLian Guo, a Guzheng musician, and then she became the student of ZhongShan Wang, the most famous Guzheng musician of China, and got his careful advice. Besides, she is also good at playing various musical instruments. (such as Hulusi/ Percussion/ Clarinet/ Piano)​She graduated with the major of “Music Performance” and then pursuing her higher degree in "Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media" major. Presently,  she is living in Bay Area, San Francisco, California USA, works as a college music teacher and instructor of the orchestra(Guzheng&Percussion).​During the year 2005--2013, she went to Australia, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong (China), and America for International Music Performance. In 2014, she published her own book, which shows her photography and writing talents.



  • When she was only 10 years old, she got the Music Highest-Level Qualification Certificate: Ten-Level of China. 

  • In 2002, she got the First Prize for Elementary and Middle schools’ Individual Art Competition. 

  • In 2002, she got the First Prize in the Music Competition.

  • In 2003, she got the Gold Award of the "Dai-Hyman" Cup of Junior Vocal Music and Instrumental Music Competition.

  • In 2005, she got the First Prize of The First National Competition--“Push the Literary Cup” of China.

  • In 2009,  she got First place in the local province of the CCTV National Folk Instrument TV Competition.

  • In 2010, she got the Gold Prize in Guzheng Professional Group of Youth Music Competition of China.

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